Well its finally here, Transformers the movie crash-landed at our local flicks at the weekend and I was one of many queuing up friday night for a couple of tickets. Those familiar with Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbour) will already know he isn’t one for thought-provoking storylines, but not being a massive Transormers star previously I can now confirmed that I AM OFFICIALLY CONVERTED! I heard on Radio 1’s movie review previously the same afternoon that this is the quintessential ‘guy film – making The Fast and The Furious look like Bridget Jones Diary’. Although I agree with the later, I’d say take the wife, girlfriend or even your mum (although there is one particular scene involving a brief father/son discussion about adolescent masturbation, so probably best to leave your mum out of it).

Seriously though, go and see this film while it’s on at the big screen for the full effect. The effects are out of this world, the action is enough to give you goosebumps and there’s even just a pinch of light-hearted comedy to balance out the chaos and shameless destruction of public property throughout.


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