Who wants to be a G?

Caught this link the other evening from our main man Jakey boy Smith. I’ve had it saved on my desktop for a file and it reminded me when I found it again just recently on this pretty cool blog; sounds like its already caused a bit of a bother in the design circles then? Ah well – at first I’ll admit I thought Jake and his crew were certainly having a go. Yeah sure: at one point this stereotypical, nerdy looking fella dishing out the lyrics did pay a striking resemblance to a formerly-known me in my nude nutted days.


I’ll let your make your own minds up as to if I”ve been secretly having the you-know-what taken…! Corking vid though Jake. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Who wants to be a G?

  1. You should see the pics of me in SF when I went to visit Kim & Jim. Black shirt and everything. Ironic. Nice1 for the Ray tracks Daniel-san.

  2. G, I didn’t make the connection with you either, and I wasn’t intending to tweak the testicle, as it were. Andy L had passed it to me saying it looked like Dean Charlton, but you’ve stolen the crown with a worthy looky-likey.

    Word, homes!

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