Dead Ringers

Last week’s post about my lookie-likey sparked a few other suggestions as to who I might get mistaken for these days and then that got me thinking; who else do I know from the design community that pays a striking resemblance to someone in the media? Hhhhhmmm now let me think…


Well there’s Jake the main culprit. Jake is Creative Director at JP74 and can also be seen presenting the Friday Night project alongside Alan Carr. Who else?


I recall speaking to Dave today at White Pepper. In his spare time Dave likes to take beautiful photographs, indulge in prawn crackers and likes roaming Middle Earth. Then there’s our lad Ben…


Ben is a copywriter at Tequila, Manchester by day and presents the San Diego news in the evenings. Dan Pagan all the way by the way in Houston Texas works as a designer and photographer at Rigsby Hull


He also has a fetish for girls and guns and isn’t afraid to make it known to film buffs worldwide and last but not least…


Matthew Leatherland, graphic designer over at Cubic in Nottingham is NOT to be f**ked with! Feel free to send  any more of these my way over the course of the next couple of weeks, if anyone out there has any and they can be added to the Dead Ringers wall of fame.


2 thoughts on “Dead Ringers

  1. Flattering, really. Although I don’t see it as much as others do, it’s not the first time this has been brought to my attention. I’d happily invite a similarity in genius too.

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