Hand advertising


It looks like ‘hand advertising’ is soon becoming the new fad across europe in pubs and clubs. Remember waking up in the morning and wondering what that ugly smudge was on the back of your hand, of which simply no amount of srubbing with soap and water will get rid of? Not being an avid clubber I usually get ‘dragged’ upto the local nightspots at the end of the night, usually by the time the shandies have kicked into optimum effect by which time I can’t see past my nose let alone read what is on the back of my hand in a near to pitch black night club (and lets not mention the strobes…!) I’d be interested to see more of this in this country, and see if it does actually work. There’s certainly an avenue to pursue since the smoking bans have come into play and clubbers now require a stamp to come out from the rain and be allowed back in to the venue. Over 20 venues have joined Handvertising’s network, so check out your local hot spots in the coming weeks.


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