GOMI in Singpore Design Festival 2007

Making its first debut in the Singapore Design Festival 2007, GOMI is one of the exhibitors in the festival’s main feature event – “UTTERUBBISH”. The exhibition will be hosted at the old City Hall building in Singapore. Anticipating more than 80,000 visitors, it will be one of the largest creative show in town!

The Exhibition & Workshop
With a theme built around recycling, its objective is to create an awareness of environmental issues, and at the same time, challenge designers to find and develop innovative processes.

Harnessing on interactive web technologies, GOMIweb.org serves as the platform for exchanges between designers and users to take place. Whilst digital graphics are collected from designers on one end, users may select and remix the graphics to create their own design on the other end. Users then have a choice of printing their new design onto old T-shirts with a hands-on session on silkscreen printing.


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