Call for contribution

GOMI-GOldMIne – a collaboration project between  THE SERENDIPITY STUDIO & WINKER – is looking for contributions of your discarded/unused visuals will become part of the workshop at UTTERUBBISH, the featured event of the Singapore Design Festival 2007(Nov 28 – Dec 18).

What is GOMI-GOldMIne

“GOMI”, meaning “rubbish” in Japanese. GOMI-GOldMIne is a creative recycling project which is based on the theme “Recycle, Reuse & Reinvent”. Someone’s rubbish could be somebody else’s gold mine – this is the basic idea of the project. The curators collect the participants unused/discarded visuals and input them into the GOMI application. Participants can enjoy manipulating other people’s gomi on the GOMI-GOldMIne application and print their original works onto old clothes or anything they like.

What is Required?

Unused visual ideas from the trash. Vector files are preferred, but GIF or TIFF files are also welcome. Send your GOMI to gomi@winkerweb.net with your information – 1)name, 2)URL and 3)the title of your GOMI.

For details, contact gomi@winkerweb.net
(contact person: Tetsuya Goto)


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