its january then…


Compulsive viewers like me of GMTV (although I’d prefer to think that sub-consciously I’m forced to watch it first thing in the morning, because the other half insists on it when I’m still half asleep), will know that the annual Inch Loss island is just around the corner. I didn’t make the short-list for contenders this year, but because it IS January and the fact that we all played out what can be best described as live-action versions of the classic video game Pac Man – but replacing those yellow dots with Ferrero Rochets, proof lies about the studio that we too are doing our bit. Watch this space for our very own TPW workout video – coming to a super market bargain basket near you. Tell-tale signs dotted around the hub are:


Tasty looking traces of Vitamin-C sediments left in the glass there? Probably from a tablet.


Britton loves so we love.


Tracksuit and headband are in the post.




Is that a stray pack of Snack-a’s lodged in the filing cabinet? Its a crazy world.


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