high times

As most of our esteemed friends and associates are more than aware, this weekend just gone was my main event. I took off to Cark Airfield at Grange Over Sands, to throw myself out of a plane at 14,000 feet to raise money for stray dogs. Prophecy fulfiled!

Not off to a great start – we pitched tents friday in the middle of a mild thunderstorm with only several bog rolls, a bottle of Jagermeister and a dozen tea lights to keep us occupied. The weather didn’t improve either for saturday, so followed a big night in Grange Over Sands on saturday to drown our sorrows. It wasn’t until 8.00am on sunday that I could finally experience the pleasure (and rush) of freefall at around 120 mph on my very first skydive, what better a way to ride out your sunday morning hangover?!

I’d like to extend our personal ‘thanks a mill’ once again to everyone who made donations and made it happen. Here’s the proof just for the sceptics (you know who you are):


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