Last week we went to the private view of the University of Central Lancashire’s Graphic Design degree show. There was plenty of nice work around and here are some of the pieces which caught our eyes (see below). Details of the show can be found here. Also, I just found this useful link to the work on show at Manchester for those of us who missed it.

Design education, from an ingenuous perspective

“I need fantastic brains, bursting with ideas and the skills to get some of them down on paper. A sense of humour helps. As does a love of music (a continual feature of life here). It helps that they can stand up for their own ideas if they think the boss has got it wrong. It helps if they can see that the last 5% spent crafting can turn the merely ‘great’ to truly ‘fantastic’. And they need to understand that the search for great could take 9.5 of the 10 days, leaving only hours to mock up the favourite. (But what a favourite it will be).” Link.