TPW Christmas Cards

Those of you lucky enough to be on the TPW Chistmas Card list will have received one of our lovely TPW hand warmers. Designed with an on-trend Chistmas jumper in mind, this most useful of presents is sure to keep everyone toasty and warm over the winter months!


National Award

2011 was a great year for TPW as we picked up many new clients and made some great contacts and friends.

The highlight of the year was definitely our nomination for a CIPR Award (Chartered Institute for Public Relations) for the work we did on the dental health campaign in Blackburn with Darwen. Our ‘Stop the Rot’ concept which ran out back in the first half of 2011, was put forward and shortlisted in November for ‘Campaign of the Year’.

It’ll be alright on the night. Or will it?

Watching TV over┬áChristmas I noticed a slight typographical inconsistency, which ironically enough appeared on a show all about mistakes and gaffs on TV i.e ‘It’ll be alright on the night’. After the title sequence where the logo is displayed (see first image) we jump to the studio where the logo again is displayed in the background. This time however, the words ‘on’ and ‘the’ are, for some reason, shifted over to the right creating a more ragged left edge.

I pointed this out immediately to my electrician friend who retorted that I may have too much time on my hands, but I’m sure the graphic designers and brand managers out there will agree with me: Sloppy work; tut, tut.

NHS Dental campaign pitch success!

We are delighted to announce that we have won the recent NHS dental health pitch, coming up against some tough opposition from other creative agencies in the North West.

Shocking statistics show that many children in our borough have 3 rotten teeth by the age of just five and that the number of older people using NHS dentists is also low.

In an effort to try and remedy the problem, Blackburn with Darwen NHS have appointed us to take control of a marketing campaign with the aim of getting patients (specifically children and pensioners) to visit the readily available NHS dentists.

I saw an Argos advert on TV the other night and noticed that they’ve changed their logo. I can see that they’ve tried to simplify and clean it up, but it now looks like something from the early 80’s! What does anybody else think?

Pattern Tap

My love of info graphics lead me to this great resource this morning. Pattern Tap is a catalogue of websites, categorized by their more specific features such as icons, headings, 404 pages, forms, contact pages, tabs, pagination etc etc. Useful for any web designer, but also good for general design inspiration I think!


The ever talented Lara Jade has just launched her new venture, Resourcz, with Luc Coiffait. In their own words, it’s “by photographers, for photographers” and allows users to buy specific photoshop actions and textures, 1on1 tutorials via email or msn messenger, workshops, masterclass packages, retouching services and more.

If you’ve never seen the work of Lara before, it’s well worth checking out either via her official website or Flickr folio. Good luck with the new venture Lara!